IPSC President’s Newsletter – February 2021
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Автор:  Ivo III [ 19 Фев 2021, 10:45 ]
Заглавие:  IPSC President’s Newsletter – February 2021

Dear Regional Directors,

I would like to share some news from the recent Executive Council meeting:

1) IPSC Micro Targets are permitted to be used at PCC and Action Air matches for evaluation purposes up to Level III to allow distance simulation. IPSC General Assembly is to decide whether to adopt the target.

2) An update on IPSC and MISIA logo registration to IPSC legal entity was presented to the Executive Council. It is in progress.

3) A partnership program report was presented to the meeting by Ekaterina Nikiforova. CZ, Kahles, Shield Sights and CamPro gave positive feedback on their cooperation with IPSC in 2020 and confirmed the partnership for 2021.

4) EU Lead Ban. IPSC prepared a letter to ECHA. Friedrich Gepperth was announced responsible to protect our rights in this issue and to apply to ECHA and European Parliament if needed.

5) IPSC ESS updated report was presented to the meeting. Among the new options there are the following: a competitor registration and match results at the system. Jose Belino and Marco Hernandez are doing a great job transferring IPSC Platform to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) which has more options to develop, much safer and cheaper.

6) The Course Design Committee under responsibilities of Dino Evangelinos and Alain Joly was established to have a data bank as a reference of a proper course design and to provide course design educational activities.

Vitaly Kryuchin
IPSC President

Автор:  hitman47 [ 19 Фев 2021, 14:29 ]
Заглавие:  Re: IPSC President’s Newsletter – February 2021

Най-накрая сайта да прилича на нещо.
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